Winter Travelling Essentials

Hello, everyone! And, welcome back to my blog! I hope you all doing well. Today’s topic are a bit different than the usual, because I want to be able to cover some other things that might help you on the season: year-end holiday!

Short story of mine: I’ve been planning my year-end holiday since 6 months ago! Why the long wait, though? Because I like to think some exciting things to come. That way, I woke everyday with some purpose. To make my holiday as best as possible!

So, me and my sister have been planning this trip for quite a while now. We decided to go South Korea in January 2018. Yes, we’re travelling at the coldest time of the season! Personally, I prefer wintery season than going to the beach, so the idea never bored me.

Now, the fun part: preparing your winter clothing for the holiday! Basically me and my sisters always enjoyed year-end holiday to countries that experienced winter time. As time goes by, we learned more and more how to dress properly on cold weather.

So, after quite a while, I’m pretty confident to share with you guys how we dress up to stay warm throughout the trip. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

The first thing to have is the most basic thing of all: underwear that can retained heat from your body. Now, my personal references would be the heatech products by Uniqlo. There are some other brands that can provide you the same items. I prefer this because (1) it’s a good quality, (2) they have lots of items; t-shirt, leggings, scarf; basically the cover all your needs, and (3) they’re cheap comparing to other brands with the same quality. So, why not give it a try?

For basics, you need to have: (1) some heatech long sleeve basic t-shirt (or you can have the turtle neck one), and the heatech legging, or stocking. This would be your first layer to retained heat from your whole body. Now, this layer is very important and I suggest you to have this 2 items more than 1 set. If you travel for about a week, 3 sets of this would do. You can wash this, or sometime you can use it twice (believe me, it’s not dirty at all!). And don’t forget to layer your foot with good quality socks and for your hand a good quality gloves (mine is also heatech products).

at this stage, you should know now, that if your body produces heat, it means your body can produce sweat. Even in cold weather, you can sweating too! If you sweat, there’s basically water comes out of your body, and when the water touches the cold weather, you became very very cold inside. So, the next layer that is as important as before: you need cotton clothing. Anything would do, from flannel shirt, turtle neck, blouses; as long as they are cotton. Why cotton? Because cotton absorb sweat.

So, the first layer is your retained-heat-clothing. Your body will produce sweat, and wear cotton clothing so it can absorb the sweat. After this, I think you can wear anything you like. The basic rule is, the colder it gets, you need more layer. So, for myself, on the third layer I like to use something like acrylic or polyester. This 2 types of materials basically will retained heat, and prevent cold to come in. But for some clothing that contained this material cannot absorb sweat, that’s why I put it on the third layer. And I like the third layer to be stylish. Maybe you can play with the color, anything you want, name it.

And after that, is the outer coat. And I will always use scarf to protect my neck and my head. Do you know that your neck is so important, that if you don’t use a scarf you can get very cold and also have a headache? So, scarf is very very essential! Please remember it.

One other tips that I can tell you: just use normal shoes. I prefer a good running shoes. Because when I travelling, I walk A LOT. The cute boots that you looked on some shops IS cute, but that’s it. It will kill you inside out  . They maybe look nice and pretty in the picture but believe me. I’ve been there: and it’s like HELL. Just go and wear something that is comfortable.

At the end of the day, the most important thing when travelling to cold weather is warmth and comfortable. That way you can conquer the world! Lol, JK.

So, that’s it for my tips. I really hope this can help you to be a smart traveler. And until the next post, stay safe and healthy everyone.