Updates on Cushion Setting S: Week1 and Week2

Hi, everyone. I hope you stay healthy and safe.

-Week 1-

I want to update you on my hair treatment last week; about cushion setting that I had from Ando and Yun Korean Salon. Brief explanation: after cushion setting done, they said you can wash your hair on the second day and you need to avoid swimming on pool with high concentrate of chlorine or to swim on the ocean (they made you sign a disclaimer). So, I washed my hair on day 3, just to be sure.

When I first rinsed my hair with only water, I can feel my hair texture a bit different, a bit stiff, almost indifferent from previous. Then, I used ordinary shampoo, rinse it, and then used hair mask. They told you to use hair mask everyday so your hair will have vitamin and nutrition. After I cleaned it all, my hair’s fine, they don’t feel stiff anymore. I dried my hair using towel and start to apply hair oil. Then, the fun (and most tiring) part: blow dry your hair.

So, Mr Ando told me to swirl your hair while blow drying your hair. I divided my hair into 4 parts and clipped it away while I start to blow 1 section at a time. Things you should know first: is that I don’t blow dry my hair everyday, even though I washed it everyday. I just let it be. Sometimes I go to bed with wet hair. So, this step quite annoyed me. Took me about half an hour just to make all parts of my hair 90% done. Then, I used hair roller, because I don’t want the curl to loose faster. After that I just do my regular activities. I let down the roller after about 1-2 hours, depending what activities I get when I’m using it. My hair had completely dry out and curled nicely.

On my 3rd trial to do my new routine (the above explanation) I find a way to make my curl more loose and natural looking. So, I washed my hair every night and do the routine. One morning, I decided to used hair dryer while swirl my hair (So, basically I repeated the routine on my dry hair). Turns out the curl looking very good, not too stiff, and a bit loose; in general looks lovely.

So, my opinion: after a week, I really like my new hair. Yes, while it is looking good, I have to maintain the curl so they can last long, but it is a shot that I’m willing to give right now. Once in a while, I think we need to do some changes.

Things I put on my hair for additional treatment:

-Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

-Loreal Total Repair Hair Mask

-Skin Food Argan Oil Silk


-Week 2-

So, it’s been 2 weeks since I done my hair. A very honest confession, I got more lazy to swirl my hair every time I have to blow dry it. So, my second week is all about cheating. I want to know a more ‘efficient’ way to clean my hair and also to maintain the curl a little bit longer. I decided to wash my hair every 2 days. But now to think about that, I don’t like it. Maybe because before this cushion setting, I always wash my hair daily.

I try to build another routine, so after I washed my hair and applied some hair oil, I blow dry it (I still divide my hair into 4 parts), and then when my hair is about 70-80% dry, I twist my hair away from my face, clipped it away (4 parts also), and then do my activities regularly. One night, I fell asleep with 4 clips still on my head, I ended up waking up with a very messy hair. After I run through my hair with my fingers, the curls looked very nice and bouncy (because I slept with twisted hair, they stayed curl a bit longer). So, this is a more ‘efficient’ for me, for now, haha. I have already repeated this steps for 3 times, and it still looks good, that’s why I’m going to continue to do this routine (until I find another more ‘efficient’ way).

In summary, the curls are still in good shape. But at some parts, I can see it has loosen up a little bit. But if you look at it as a whole, you probably won’t notice the difference. I’m still very happy on my decision to done my hair at Ando and Yun Korean Salon, definitely worth to try. I’ll update you again on my week 4.

Thank you for giving your time to read my update. Stay tuned, because I will try to upload things as many as I can. Stay safe, and cheers!