Updates on Cushion Setting: 3rd Month

Hi, everyone! I hope you always stay healthy and safe. A little bit background to this post: basically I personally don’t think that I would post a 3rd month update on my hair. Basically at first I just thought that maybe it won’t last thing long; aaaand you know whaat? Definitely wrong, haha.

Hence, this post for you guys.

So, let’s break it down one by one, shall we?

So, truth to be told, I was pessimistic about my hair because (as I have told you in other posts) when I curl my hair using iron, it never last long. So, when first time I ask the hair dresser at Ando&Yun Salon how long the cushion setting will last, she said approximately 3-4 months depending on the hair condition. So, I told myself, maybe for me about 2.5 months? 3 months maximum??

Fast forward to present time, I was amazed that you can still see the curls. I skip any routine that will make the curls longer (twist and pinned it away through the night) since 1 month ago, more or less. The curls are bit messy now, because I don’t keep  them in place like I used to. But you can still see the curls clearly. in this state: I’m amazed.

But since the curls now are a bit messy, almost everyday I used curling iron to make it more decent. I still used Argan Oil everyday after I washed my hair. It’s a mandatory step for me.

That’s it. I know, compared to other post, this is a very short story. But I just think I need to update you about my hair, since I already done it previously, and I think you guys enjoyed it as I am.

So, thank you for reading my posts. I will definitely spare more time to write to you guys.

Until then, stay safe everyone!