Update on Cushion Setting: Week 6

Hi, everyone. I’m so sorry for the late update. I know, I promised you to do an update on my 1 month cushion setting. I know (again) that I don’t get to have an excuse for not updating you, but I’ve been busy with work and everything, hence, the late update.

So, without any further delay: here is my update on week 6!

As you probably have read on my previous blog (if you don’t, please have a brief moment to check that out), I’ve been trying different ways (many ways) to cheat my way out of this routine, because I’m a lazy person but I want my curls to stay a little longer, duh. But, short story, I decided to wash my hair everyday, simply because I just can’t do the 2 days hair (I used Gojek for my transportation-go-to-apps) so, you know the dilemma. Then, every time I washed my hair, I put the same hair oil and let it sit for about 1 hour before using hair drier.

So, the hair drying part: you knew that I used hair roller from my earliest routine to keep the curl. Now I don’t. I use bobby pins. You think that it will make me feel uncomfortable? The answer is no. I feel fine to have lots of bobby pins on my head while sleeping.

The routine that I’m taking now is, after I blow dry my hair, I take a small section of my hair, and make a round shape of it, and then I pinned it away. In total I have 8 circles and approx. 16-20 bobby pins on my head. I just go to sleep with that. On the next morning, I just have to carefully unpinned my hair, because once I just pull the bobby pins casually, and it pulled out my hair quite a bit. So, you need to be careful with that.

But, viola! A nice looking curls.

I’ve noticed my curls have loosen much since the very beginning. I know, at first I told Mr. Ando to make my curls more tight, so (the logic is) I have more time when the curls getting loosen and loosen. I definitely like my curls more now than before.

You guys (probably) know that I dyed my hair too. And right now, I can see my root clearly, so maybe in the near future I will retouch my hair color, and probably decide to have haircut. Not too much, because I don’t want my treated-hair to go away, but just to have some minor/good changes. (ps: the last time I got my haircut is probably about 8months ago)

I will try to post some other things in the near future, and stay tune.

Always be safe and healthy!