The 10-Step Korean Skin Care Regime-My Adaptation to It

Quite some time ago, the beauty world was being introduced to the well-known Korean skin care routine which consists of 10 steps. I will share my adaptation on it and how this regime gives me new perspective about S.K.I.N.

Let’s start, shall we?

  1. Makeup remover

I wear makeup everyday –diligently- so, the thing that I need to remove first is my eye makeup. I wear waterproof mascara and a little bit of eyeshadow, therefore I chose something that is quite ‘heavy duty’ to perform for this job. I use The Face Shop-Mango Seed Cleansing Oil. I pour about 3-4 drops of oil to my palm, and rub –directly- gently to my eyes. My goal here is to let most mascara off. Usually I will then massage my entire face with the leftover oil, trying to loose some of the other makeup.

I do not rinse or wipe my face with some cotton pad afterwards, but adding some cleansing cream like The Face Shop-Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream and continue to massage my face with it. The combination of oil+cream together definitely cleans up all the makeup residue on my face. After massaging for quite some time, then I wipe it with cotton pads.

The second time, I will add a bit of cream on my face and massage more just to make sure that no dirt clings on my skin. Usually some mascara will still smudge on under eye area, therefore I will use The Face Shop-Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover. After that I rinse my face with water.


  1. Cleansing Oil

I will introduce you to the ultimate of the ultimate of cleansing oil (if you do not know already) of all time, Etude House-Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil. It goes on oily and when you apply to the face it will turn milky and dissolve all –believe me, ALL- of the makeup, dirt, you name it. A good minute of massage and rinse it with water. Tada… your skin will never look better! The skin afterwards is smooth and clean, not oily or greasy at all. Magic, right?

I checked after I use this, went back once to the cleansing cream, and you know what? No residue! That good!!


  1. Water based Cleanser

Well, to be honest, I like to skip this step. I DO feel that after this step, usually my skin feels tight and I do not prefer that kind of feeling. The days that I do this step is when I feel my skin feels like clogging or I just feel like it –LOL there-. I choose The Face Shop-Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam Mouse. You just need a small amount and they do a great job!

Now now, you might feel that I rub The Face Shop brand like crazy to your face here. I am not sponsored in any kind. I just feel that their products are good and you can’t really beat the price tag –IMO here-.


  1. Exfoliators

I really would like to try a good chemical exfoliator but since I have not yet found it, I stick with scrubs for my exfoliator. The thing is my skin does not agree with scrubs. My skin will break out the next day and that is definitely not the look that I am going for. A good exfoliators that I find less abbrasive to my skin is Clinique-7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-off Formula. They put a 7-day name there not just for the sake of naming I guess.


  1. Toner

The only toner that I have ever used in my entire life is Clinique-Clarifying Lotion Twice a Day Exfoliator No. 2. Now you might wonder, why they name a toner with ‘exfoliator’ badge? Emm, honestly I do not even pay attention to the name and use it as a toner, since the sales assistant told me this is The Toner of the well-known 3-step from Clinique. This happened years –like 15 years- ago. The way I use it, I spritz it to my face and pat it until my skin and let it dry. I know most people damp the cotton pad and wipe their face  with it and they will see still some dirt will come off. This, never hapend to me. That is why I prefer the spritz techinique and it works fine.


  1. Eye Creams

Might be weird for some people, I use eye cream directly after applying toner. I watched youtube (Joan Kim: $500 Worth of Eye Cream: Which One is The Best?) and from what I knew she told us that eye cream is supposed to protect aout under eye area. That is why we should apply it first before anything else. Please correct me if I am wrong, but nevertheless I do this for 6 months already and no damage happened yet. A very bad attitude I know, but what can I do. If you know the right information please kindly share. I choose Innisfree-Orchid Eye Cream. Cool thing happens you know, I can feel that my eye area feels tigthen right after I apply this eye cream. Isn’t it wonderful?


  1. Essence & Treatments

I join these 2 categories because I combine everything that I need in this step. I used to apply Innisfree-Whitening Pore Synergy Serum first. But since I emptied that bottle –a very good product, indeed- I change into Benton-Fermentation Essence. I am very curious with this product as many people claim that this product has same effects like SK II-Miracle Water, or Missha-Time Revolution First Treatment, or a bunch of other products that I am sure that you probably heard of. I guess they need a special post for them themselves as they are so simple, yet so complex. Back to Benton, usually I use one full pump only and I am ready for the next step that is The Face Shop-White Seed Brightening Serum.


Until this step I can feel that my face is ‘thick’ and plump, in a good way I suppose. I mean, I do not mind extra moisture in my face, since I ‘dried up’ my skin a year before because of false information of skincare steps. We’re almost there! Let’s move on.


  1. Sheet Masks (and other masks)

I never put mask on after this step. Truth to be told, I do not feel comfortable to mix the lotion with masks. I will dedicate this section in another post –it will come I am sure, wait for it please- as there are so many type of masks out there.


  1. Moisturiser

I used to use Clinique-Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + for years and currently I use The Face Shop-White Seed Blanclouding White Moisture Cream. I find this product to be very moisturizing as you can see the skin to have a wet look. I don’t not mind once again, but it could look a bit disturbing sometimes :D.


  1. Sun Protection

This is my second tube Nature Republic-Daily Sun Block SPF 50 PA+++. There is not a single day I do not apply this to my face. Although my foundation has SPF already, I think I need to apply a good solid sun block to protect my skin. I used to run wild at noon and that cause my cheeks have sprinkles –aka. sun spots-. That is why I want to save what’s left from it. I use a very thin layer though since I have so many layers on my face already.

That is my adaptation on Korean 10-step skin care regime. Of course you can cut some of the step and adjust it to your skin needs. You do not need to really follow it one by one without room to move. How I do is I add one step at a time to my skin and see how it reacts. If it is good then try to do it for 3 or 6 months, and when I see the results I add another step. The step that I feel that my skin needs of course.

Some information here, my skin is combination. A little bit oily on the T-zone but normal on cheeks and other area. I can say that I have quite a sensitive skin also. If I use a new product and not really doing well with my skin, I can immediately see it within 3 days. Even the next day afterwards.

I promise you that I will share my feeling about this Korean 10-step skin care regime, so I will share those on my next post, so please wait for it. It will be soon I promise.

I hope that this post give you some information and where to start the journey if you haven’t already. I will see on the next post.

Cheers, M.