Quick, Easy, and Simple Everyday Makeup!

Hi everyone!

I really wanted to show you guys how I put on my everyday makeup. Before this, I was hesitated because personally I don’t consider myself a ‘beauty guru’ and the way I put my makeup on is sometimes not correct. So, after SOME times I decided to just write the process down, on how I put my makeup, what I used and I’ll show you the finished look!

PS: This blog, unlike any other my writings, will be much more longer.

Shall we start?

It all started with this look (don’t get shocked!)

this is my bare skin. I have applied some moisturizer. As you probably read in my previous blog, I used Clinique Moisture Surge all over my face and let in set for about 1-2 minutes.

After that I applied my favorite (and, honestly, the one and only) foundation all over. I used the shade in Ivory.

as you can see, the color is quite similar with my face, so probably you won’t notice any significant differences.


At this stage, I feel more ‘alive’ that my skin is no longer dull, and looked more fresh. And then, I used some contour and blush. For this 2 items I used Innisfree products. They are so easy to use, and easy to blend, and the color is not very vibrant. What I mean is, you can get your hands on with this product, put loads on your face but still looked very subtle. I really love them! (PS. the contour stick is running very low, though 🙁 need to buy the new one!)

Overall, I prefer my makeup light-weighted. First reason being, is because I feel lazy to clean it up later. So, if you put less makeup, you don’t need more effort to put it off too. Just my simple (lazy) mind.


So, after I put on some contour and blush on my cheek, I put some power to set my makeup. I used another product of Innisfree (they are VERY good)

I don’t power all my face; just under my eyes, nose are, chin, and middle forehead. You can barely notice the difference with or without the powder on the picture. In real life, the area that I put some powder on are a bit matte than the rest of my face. I want to stay a bit ‘glowy’ on my cheek, that’s why I really like to use contour and blush sticks, rather than the powder product for this 2 items.

Moving on… to the tricky and (most vital point) on these days essentials: eyebrow. I’m lucky to have quite thick eyebrows. But for right now, the color doesn’t match to my hair. So, I used ANOTHER Innisfree product (they are VERY cheap and GOOD, compared to western brands)

I used the brow pencil in red color (sorry, forgot the name) and after that applied some of the brow gel with the same color.

after this, it goes quickly to the end. I put some of my previous Innisfree powder on my eyelids, just to prevent it to become oily throughout the day. And the, my holy grail palette!

I’ve been using this palette for almost 2years now. Never been disappointed with the quality, definitely a must have palette!

I just used 2 color and maybe in the picture you can barely see the colors. But I used ‘Selfish’, which is a kind of grey-ish shimmer on the our edge of my eye. And then to deepen the color, I used ‘Sleek’, which is basically a matte dark brown color.

And to top it off, I curled my eyelash using Shu Uemura curling wand, and then I used another Innisfree product, which is their mascara to finish my eye makeup. Very easy, quick yet freshen up the whole look!

This is my (almost) final make up look!

To really finished the look, I used Innisfree lip pencil and to make a bit effort of this look, I used Revlon lipstick in Bed of Roses to make it a bit ombre.


the FINAL (really final) look!


There you have it! My first ever kind-of-tutorial on my everyday makeup. Let me know what you think!

(Psst.. check my instagram for more picture of this look, hihi)

And, as always, stay safe and healthy everyone.