New Member in The House!

Hello everybody, my name is Margaret and this will be my very first article that I have ever written. A little background here -so bear with me, please- I am Caroline’s sister and I try to contribute a little bit on her blog here.  She is kind enough to spare me a space to share some experiences with beauty products -not that I am an expert of it by all means-  and most of them are Korean beauty products.

While her topic mostly western-based products, mine would be quite the opposite. I will concentrate more on the Korean-based products as I found my skin is improving ever since I jumped on the boat. I am not saying that western products were not working that well. On the contrary, they WERE working quite well. But sometimes, the price tag makes me feel guilty just to splurge on a single product. I wonder if there are products out there that can perform quite as good but on the budget side. This curiosity that I have, made me venture to unknown territory, the Korean Beauty world.

My journey started about 3 years ago when I tried to ‘fix’ sun spots on my cheeks. I tried Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector and that… I can say was a magic in a bottle! I used it at night and the next day when I woke up, I realized that I could feel there were differences in my sun spots. Yeayy there, of course. One thing that doesn’t sit quite well with me, the price tag. It’s killing me just to buy another bottle, not that I can afford it, but simply buy products that expensive… can I say it’s just not my style? Well, it is not. I still stand by this motto, hence the journey begins.

Me and my sister -Caroline-, we have different skin types, skin tones, and overall of what we are looking for in a products is also different. So hopefully we can give you wide range of information on products that we have been used up and loved.

Let’s start our journey shall we? 🙂