Mini Review: Clinique Moisture Surge

Hi, everyone! I’ve been wanted to make a review on Clinique Moisture Surge for quite a while, but I decided to give more time for my skin, so that I can make a better and (hopefully) a better judgement towards the product.

Without further ado, let’s start the mini review!

It’s been a month since I started using the Clinique Moisture Surge for my moisturizer. Unlike my sister who applies the Korean trend beauty, I basically just had very few steps for my skin routine.

My Routine

So, in the morning, I washed my face with Clinique Bar Soap, and then apply some eye cream on the eye area (but sometimes–well, most of the time–I just skipped this step because of my laziness), and then apply Clinique Moisture Surge. I let it sit for about 5 minutes, then I do my makeup. For most of the time, because I’m a very lazy person, I just apply my Dior Nude Air foundation, some blush-on, and apply some eyebrow powder (and that is basically my mate-brown eye shadow), and that’s it for my face. I put on some lipstick by the time I got to the office.

After a day full of activities, when I get home, I cleaned my face using Nivea Cleansing Milk, twice. First application is to remove the majority of my makeup. Second application is to even more cleanse my face, particularly deep-pore cleansing and sometimes there still makeup residue left. After that, I used Clinique Bar Soap. Then, (this is new to me) I put some Clinique Exfoliator, I sprayed it on a cotton pad, and then gently rub it on my face. Sometimes there still some makeup residue, or maybe it’s just your skin that being exfoliated. After that I put some of the Benton Fermentation Essence. It looks like water, doesn’t have any particular smell to it, and when you apply it to the skin, it feels like you just tap tap water on your face. Next and last steps are, I used the Moisture Surge all over my face and apply some eye cream. Night time is a must for me to put some eye cream, because I’m a panda. (this should be a self-explanatory, right?)

So, (I think I’ve been talking out of topic) the review that you’ve been waiting for! Sorry for the distraction.

Moisture Surge, sure thing did a very good job in terms of giving hydration to my skin, better than my previous moisturizer product. I have dry-combination skin. It means that the skin basically is dry, so you need to give them some treatment, but they still produce some oil throughout the day.

I notice that since I started using Clinique Moisture Surge and put my Dior Nude Air foundation, my face feels oily quite earlier than before. It’s not a super bad thing or anything like that, I just noticed it. So, before, with my previous moisturizer, my face started to oily around 4pm or so, now with Moisture Surge, it’s around 1-2pm-ish. But it’s still manageable, I don’t have any complaint about it. As I said before, my skin still producing oil throughout the day, and the foundation that I used is a serum-type, so I know the moisturizer and foundation that I used can make my face a bit glowing, which I like, by the way.

So, in summary, if you have similar skin type as me, and you want some more hydration to your skin, definitely a good option there. And, if you have more dry skin than me, I think you should try this, you’ll get the benefit from this product, like a lot.

I hope this help, and as always, stay healthy and safe everyone.