Korean Hair Care Products

Hi, everyone!

Today I want to talk about 2 main things that I used on my hair for daily care. As you probably read before, about 2 months ago I went to Ando&Yun Salon to get my hair done. It is called Cushion Setting. If you want to know more about Cushion Setting you can go and read my previous blog and leave some comment if yo have any questions.

This blog will be a basic daily care that I used long before I had Cushion Setting.

First thing first. I have a medium-length straight hair. It’s very straight that it looks very boring and flat, in short, no volume at all. But once in a while, I like to brighten my day by curling my hair using curling iron. But back then, I don’t really do it often because I’m so afraid that my hair will damaged. So the 2 main things that I wanted to talk to you guys are: Etude Hot Style Heating Protector  and Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence. This is by far my (only) 2 hair products that I used outside of shampoo, conditioner and hair mask (not so few, huh?). I haven’t tried any other brand for hair care, so what I’m trying to say is this blog is solely my own opinion based on my experience and understanding.

Anyway, let’s break it down one by one, shall we?

Etude Hot Style Heating Protector

I used to have this boring-straight hair, as I already speak above. So, to make it a bit more lively, I sometimes curl my hair. Then, this product comes in very handy. So, before I used my curling iron, I will apply this product to my hair (I get very generous with this product), and then straight to curling my hair. So, I notice the differences if you don’t use this product.

First of all, the curls stay longer. Before I found this product, I usually just curl my hair without any product to protect my hair. The curls didn’t stay long. Maybe 4 hours at a maximum. I said maximum, meaning when the time reached, my hair has completely straight back, like no signs of curling before. You know the feeling, when you’re just finished your curls, and they look a bit tight at first? Yeah, mine stays like that for half an hour top. After that, it looses like 50% of that tightness. And, I think by the end of the first 1-2 hours it has become a veeery loose curls. Like a second day curl. Sad?? Not anymore, since this product!

Second, my hair looks shinny (the good-shinny, not the bad one). So, usually before this product, my hair felt coarse and dry. After I used this product, my hair still look and felt good. Definitely a recommended heat protector hair product.

Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence

I have the Etude Hot Style Heating Protector long before I used this Argan Oil. I started using this Argan Oil when I get my hair done (the Cushion Setting). So, basically, after I cleanse my hair and towel-dry it, I apply 3 pumps of this Argan Oil and apply evenly to my hair shaft. Currently, I just let the oil to sink in for about half an hour, up to an hour. And then I blow dry my hair. First of all, the smell is amazing, and second, the oil is not so sticky. So I really like this product. I think this product has support my cushion setting well, apart from other products that I used.

Because it’s already 2.5 months, my curls are definitely loosen by more than half, but it still looking goood. So, thanks to this Argan Oil! My Argan Oil is almost finished now; I’ll go to South Korea in January 2018, so I will definitely buy this product again!

So there are my 2 mini-review on this lovely and useful product. Let me know, what is your favorite hair product?

And, as always, stay safe and healthy everyone.