How do I feel about This Korean 10-step Skin Care Regime

I feel that my skin is improving a lot since I have started the journey. My skin rarely breaks out which is what I am looking for. Even if I have it, it is certainly that time when you have ‘guest’ coming. Other than that I could not say anything bad about it. It has been good so far.

A little background on my skin condition. I had a very bad BAD skin year around 3-4 years ago. I keep on breaking out along the year and nothing that I did make it better. I tried so many different products and did it differently. Wash face more, wash face less. Use foam or cream or cleansing milk. Moisturize more, moisturize less. I was so confusing. I did not eat take outs, I aways eat clean and I sleep well. I even have no trouble sleeping. Some say it could be stress, but I was so sure it was not.

At that time, I went back to the basics. Cleansing milk, twice and a good moisturizer. It helped a bit. Then the well-known Korean skin care routine becoming more popular and I found some cheaper substitute products that I like from the Korean beauty market. I started my journey since then.

Cheers, M.


Disclaimer: I am not an expert in cosmetics or having a proper knowledge of beauty products. My opinion based solely on my time testing out products and apply them to myself. If the products work well to me, does not mean it will work well on you and vice versa.