Hair Try-Outs: Color Effect by Ando and Yun Salon

Hi Guys! I’m in deep apology for not posting in such long time. First, is because I have no idea what to write (yup, poor me), second is because I’ve been wanting to try coloring my hair for the first time in a salon!

As you’ve probably read in my previous blog, I decided to have my hair done in a salon to make it more serious, and not just done by myself using the bubble shampoo type. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

First thing to be clear: I’m not in any sort of endorsement with this salon, this is just simply pure coincidence that I happen to like this salon and tried their services. And frankly speaking, I really love how they done y hair so far, by cushion settings and the coloring.

So. I went to Ando and Yun Salon in Central Park last Saturday. I went straight to their second level. The hairdresser quickly gave me a sort of hanbok (traditional korean clothing) and some cape to keep my clothes safe from any kind of greases. And then they gave me a book which contained a lot of sample of hair color. the left side of the book are specified that you need to bleach you hair in order to get the right color, and as for the right side of the book, you don’t need to bleach your hair.

I’m in big dilemma, haha. So, first of all, I don’t like brunette. I think it’s very boring color. I personally don’t try to insult anyone with brunette hair, I just don’t find it very attractive. So, I prefer red than brown. On the left side (which is you need to bleach first), one sample attracted me most, because it said redred violet. It catches my eyes that I decided I wanted that color.

My hair stylist, which is Mr. Jinha (a Korean guy), came to me, and said Hi. Because it is difficult to chat with him, I just point out the sample hair so that he knew what I wanted. Basically, this Korean guy doesn’t like to do bleaching. I’m quite stubborn for a while, saying I don’t mind having my hair to be bleached away. But then, he continuously saying that it’ll break your hair and some other scary stuff so I gave up. But I still want my hair to be red, end of discussion.

He seems to understand me well enough (that I am a very stubborn girl) and then went away to get the cream. I don’t want to bored you out with the tiny details and everything so I will sum it up quickly.

Basically the put the cream-based product directly into my dry hair. First time, they leave the roots. After that, they leave it to set for about 15 minutes. And then, applying the cream-based product to the roots of my hair and leave it to set (again) for another 30 minutes. So, in total it would be 45 minutes, more or less.

After that, they rinse my hair. And they gave advice to me: to have a hair manicure, so that the color will stay a bit longer. At first I wast hesitant to do it, but after some times I give it a try, just because I really want the color to last long, so I’ll just do what they told me to.

So, one hair stylist explained to me while applying the cream-based product all over my head, saying that the color currently applied to me is called “color effect”, the color can be different depending on the lighting conditions. Mine would be reddish and a bit of purplely.

So, they gave me some other liquidy product all over my hair and then leave it to set for another 15 minutes. And then they rinse my hair. Then, they blow dry my hair.

At first, I didn’t see the color quite clear. But after my hair got dry out completely, I’m satisfied with the result. If you look at it in a normal room, you will see it a normal dark brown. But when a sunlight touch my hair, you can see some kind of gradation reddish, a bit of pink, maybe violet. It’s verrrry cute.

I love it! absolutely. They’re a bit pricey for sure, but I’m satisfied and glad that I don’t need to bleach my hair.

Psst… here’s the picture of my hair after a week after the coloring:


Let me know what you think!

Until the next blog, stay safe and healthy everyone. Cheers!