Favorite Foundation: Dior Nude Air

First make up talk, basic of all make up items: foundation.

I’ve searched, tried, bought the wrong ones–everything you can possibly think of about finding your soulmate (it is quite similar, no?), at last… I have found my love.

Short brief of my skin: they don’t go crazy popping pimples randomly, they’re quite nice to feel and to see, no discoloration, I have a little bit of puffiness and darkness around the eye area (duh, like who doesn’t?), in short: a normal dry-combination skin.

So, I want my foundation to stay where they should be staying, I don’t really need a very good coverage (I mean, coverage is not in my top list for finding the right one) and also I want something good for my base. Also a kinda-weird-fact about me: is that I don’t really like the normal texture of foundation. You know, a bit thick like gel. The foundation is the first layer of make up steps (well, basically you can say the first layer is primer, but since I’m not using it… ), the one that touches your skin throughout the day. In my opinion, it should be good, like damn good. We’re talking about a long marathon here. Not literally.

When you go buy some good make ups (they basically have a crazy selling price), they put a more gentle and safer ingredients inside. So, it’s safe to say that the good products will unlikely to damage your skin. They have crazy selling prices for a reason. So, the long marathon I’m talking about here is, if you can find a good foundation then you skin will absorb the goodness inside, and vice versa for the not-so-good foundation. You will probably feel the differences when you’re older, like 40-50. You’re skin will still look nice (with a proper treatment also) while maybe, for some others, they don’t get so lucky to have a good skin as yours.

But in make up, I believe that you don’t need to buy all high-end products. Such a waste of money. Instead, you need to carefully pick up the right high-end make up products to complete your look. For me, it is very important to have a good base that, while it can give you a nicer look for your skin, it can also provide something else; like serum, or moisturizer, or SPF, or anything.

So, here is my foundation:

Dior Nude Air Serum in Ivory (010)

This foundation is different from the other (it has SPF 25). It’s quite runny (not like a normal foundation), like really liquid; and I like that from this foundation. Very light-weight, easy to apply (I use my fingers because I think if you apply it using brush or sponge, they will absorb the majority of the product), and it sets quite velvety. Not too mate, not too shiny.

And, what I can say about this thing, is that it is absolutely amazing!

I use this as my daily foundation, to go to the office (but then you don’t really know if it’s good or not because you practically working with turned-on air con). Then, about a week ago, I use this, and I went to some places, walking around in day light. My face (and all part of my body) were cover in sweat, it was really hot, no cloud, but this foundation doesn’t go crazy, or disappear, or anything at all. The color doesn’t changed, my face stayed flawless for like 6-ish hour in the sun. You got to admit, that is ‘something’.

But, I admit that for a starter, you will not want to buy expensive make ups. I get that, because once, I am that person. All I can say is, you need to explore what you like, what you don’t like. What you wanted to achieve by doing make up. What you wanted to look like when you apply make up to your face. I think it is important to know these issues. And then, from there, you can start to try out some, search for references (hundreds of thousands in youtube or blogs) and decide, whether you like it or not. Feel free to comment below and I’ll try my best to answer it for you.

I think that’s my story, for now. Stay safe everyone.