Coffee Talk: Introduction

Hi everyone. Sorry for the long break for not posting anything. I hope you guys stay safe and healthy. Today’s talk is about coffee. Before I continue to make a review/blog about coffee shop, I would like to make some explanatory about coffee, on my perspective.

Brief story first: I started to like coffee since college. My sister back then used to work as a barista of Starbucks Coffee. Since then, I started my journey; I want to know a bit better about coffee. At first, I can’t drink a regular cafe latte, for me it’s too bitter. So, I started with the most drinkable one; frappucino. I remember my favorite beverage was dark mocha frappucino. After quite a while I started to feel bored to order the same menu all over again, I want to try something new, so I (kinda) force myself to try different things. I just go blindly to the store, and decide to take down every menu on Starbucks. I remember it started off with Vanilla Latte. I must admit, for a first timer like me, the taste wasn’t so bad. There’s sweetness from the vanilla syrup, so it’s drinkable for me. Every time I went to Starbucks store, I always ordered different beverages.

Long story short, at last, I have already tasted every Starbucks’ menu, and then decided that my favorite is Vanilla Latte (now that I cannot drink something too sweet, I just used 2 pump syrup for grande size). I like the smell of vanilla.

In Jakarta, about 3-4 years ago, there was a big game changer in coffee shop industry. People with different kind of passion in coffee decided to open their own coffee shop. This happened mainly because of their disappointment in Starbucks services. They claimed that Starbucks quality (bean and menu) keep dropping, and so they decided to bring a high quality beans and menus to coffee lovers. The trend was very huge that in very short amount of time, suddenly Jakarta filled with coffee shop here and there. Personally, I get the reason why they kinda hate Starbucks and opened their own coffee shop, but I think you can’t just simply badmouthing Starbucks, because in fact they still one of the biggest coffee company worldwide; it should stand for something.

Nevertheless, my coffee journey started almost at the same time, around 3-4 years ago. Me and my sisters had tackled down almost every coffee shop in this town. Some of them I find quite distinctive, others are not so special. I always go to new coffee shop with my 3 sisters, that’s why I can order few different things (like coffee based and non-coffee based, sometimes we ordered patisseries as well) and at the end of our visit there, we can decide whether we like it or not. Please keep in mind that I don’t try to manipulate or spread negativity; it’s just simply my opinion on our family’s liking.

In food and beverage industry, it’s all about taste; everyone is different and you can’t compare one shop to the other directly. Like for example, I don’t enjoy drinking long black, or americano. It’s not because I can not drink it, but I don’t feel any excitement when I drink it. I think, coffee should make you feel more energetic in a positive way. And I personally will always like a white-based coffee; like cafe latte or cappuccino; it’s just my liking. I don’t like to put sugar or simple syrup in my coffee. I think the sugar will cover the coffee and in the end you’ll just taste the sweetness. So, my liking in coffee has developed; at the beginning I like my beverage to be sweet, but now, I want to taste the coffee itself, with milk.

I will write about my favorite coffee shop in the next blog. Until then, cheers!