Ardent Coffee – Pesanggrahan

Hi everyone! Today’s topic is about coffee. (at last!)

I’m a very terrible person when it comes to drives of what I wanted. I want to have a good blog posts where people can read my reviews and basically help them to see things more clearly, based on my explanation. But, boooo to me. It’s like I don’t have much time on weekdays and on the weekend I can always find excuses to not doing things that I should do.

Shame on me. But nevertheless, the only way to get through, is to GO.

So, here I am, in Ardent Coffee, Pesanggrahan, with my laptop on my lap, ready to write some serious reviews (not that I claim myself to be such an expert on the matter).

This is would be my first visit to this coffee shop. They’ve been around for quite a while. It is close to my house, I just don’t have the time (actually, the will, or the company) to visit here. So, today I drag myself out of my house, and here I’m now, alone, and busy with my own, haha.

So when I enter the coffee shop, the front side is quite small and a bit dark. They go very spacey at the back of their place. Surprisingly, the back side is much better. They had plenty of seats and they have this good design and everything. For me, personally I think it’s a very good place to hang around, by myself, busy with my own things and I can do it whole day, here.

It’s comfy, right now the weather is nice. I can see clear sky above me, they have this glass roof. And they have outdoors as well. Indeed, a very good place to have a nice hang out with friends.

In terms of their menu, the have quite the range for the coffee, tea (they team up with Lewis and Caroll) as well as the food.

For the coffee, the first cup that I ordered was Dark Mocha Decadend. It was a good mocha in general terms. I always look for a great cup of mocha. I’m not a sweet tooth person, but when it comes to coffee, I really enjoy myself the ordinary cappuccino, café latte, and mocha. Basically that’s it.

So, when there’s a new coffee shop in town, I always tried one of these three option.

I’ve been sitting here for almost 2 hour. And the customers started to rising at this hour (now is 10.36 AM in Saturday morning).

After some times, I then ordered myself a plate of Aglio Olio and hot tea. In my opinion, the food tasted good, but in terms of the portion, they go quite small. I think they don’t have any food specialties, they have almost everything. Indonesian, Italian, Burgers, you name it.

I’ve been sitting here for quite some times now, but it’s not so crowded. I don’t know, maybe the rush hour isn’t now. But they never quite full. Just a couple of people here and there and they quickly come and go.

So basically, my overall review for this coffee shop: is they have a good place, which is on demand at the present time. They provided a wide range of food and beverage, which is good at one side; that way you won’t get bored with the menu. But, as for me, I haven’t tried everything, as long as it is the Aglio Olio, it’s good, but the portion is too small for me. Pricing also reasonable, align with what the market is providing.

So, that is the summary of my review, everyone. I hope this will help you and see you next time in other coffee shop!