Ando&Yun Salon: Cushion Setting S

Hi, everyone. So, today’s chit-chat is all about hair stuff. Brief story of mine: I have a straight, dark, medium length hair. I color it using Etude Bubble Coloring about 2 weeks ago, in red wine. I’ll talk you through that on other blog. Today is about this new cushion setting thing.

Ando&Yun Salon is a korean salon based in Jakarta that can provide you all sort of things that normal salon can. The different (and excited!) part is they have this hair treatment called “cushion setting”. I quote from their Instagram as:

“natural looking and feminine hairstyle with a focus on bounciness, volume, framing the face in a flattering manner. Instead of setting the whole head, cushion setting is known for a big natural curls.”

They have 3 different treatment that you can choose: cushion setting C (they will give your hair ends the treatment, creating a gentle bob-like effect), cushion setting S (there are S, double S, and triple S; so basically how you’ll want to look like, tight curls or loose curls), and cushion setting Edge (they basically straightened your top hair first, and then for your hair ends you can choose either cushion setting C or S). This treatment will take up to 3 hours.

So, my story: I always like a decent-presentable look. That includes my hair. They usually just a boring straight hair, not going too crazy or anything. I just shampoo it everyday, sometimes if I wanted to, I use conditioner and hair oil. I always wanted to try to curl my hair, but never had the gut to do it. Maybe because I’m afraid that they’ll damage your hair badly.

Well, that all changed when I randomly hit Ando&Yun’s instagram. Curiosity took me that random day, and I look at (almost) each of the picture in Ando&Yun’s instagram. Another curiosity wave took me about a week after that random day, to call the salon and ask the price list. Ever since that day, I always like to look at Ando&Yun’s instagram (just for fun, haha). In my opinion, cushion setting is quite expensive. They also differentiate the price between korean stylist and local stylist. But then, I am not an expert in this area, so I don’t really know a good range of price-list in beauty/salon industry. Long story short, it took me like 1 month, back and forth looking at Ando&Yun’s instagram, to finally decided that I  want to give this cushion setting a try! Like, why not? The stylist said it will last for 3-4 months. If I don’t like it, it’ll go away at the end of the day. So, I made my decision.

One tiny problem, because of my ignorance, I had no idea (well, I had, actually, but maybe the thought not really sunk in my mind) that the queue would be extremely loong. My first attempt to make an appointment with Mr. Ando is on Wednesday, 28 June. The stylist (local or korean) all full booked until the next week. So, it took me 2 weeks to wait for an appointment. My honest opinion after the treatment, the wait is worth it.

I had my hair done yesterday evening with Mr. Ando himself. He was friendly, being a good stylist and all. I ask him to create the cushion setting S.  I gave him a picture for reference to him. He got that, and start doing my hair. First they clean my hair, and then blow dry it. After that, they use the first treatment. It stinks like hell (newbie problem). After they done all my hair, they put a plastic wrap around my head, and wait. Then, they rinse my hair using warm water. The next step is the fun part, curling your hair. They use hair rolls (with different sizes) and then after that they plug a cable to the roller that is connected to a big machine (I don’t know the name 🙁 sorry) and the roller start to warm up. It took about 15 minutes, I think. And then, the warmer stopped. After that, they give you some kind of hair serum and wait for another 15 minutes, rinse it of. Last, blow it dry, baby! Mr. Ando taught me how to blow dry my hair so the curl will last longer. You need to twist it first and then blow dry it.

While anxiously waiting my hair done, it turned out really good. I really like how my hair frame my face now. (psst.. Check out my instagram to see before-after photo of this cushion setting!). Oh, almost forgot. My hair color’s a bit changed after they gave my hair the first treatment. They stylist said that it will lightened (and washed off, in my experience) my hair color because what the treatment does is opening your hair cuticle. So, now my hair is more of a light-brown than a red-wine.

While in this month they give you 30% off discount, I recommend you give it a try if you like to give yourself some challenge, or just a good change.

I’ll give you updates weekly on this cushion setting, see how it will last on my hair. 3 months? I hope so.

Stay safe everyone. Cheers!