About Me

Welcome to my Blog, everyone. My name is Caroline. I was born in 1993.

Writing happens to be one of my favorite things to do, back in my junior to senior high school year. I like to make short stories; no hard pressure, just for fun. And then, after quite a while, I stopped doing it.

Long story short, I forgot how great it felt to write something that people can also enjoy. So now I try to remember good things about writing, and do a start-over.

I am an associate in one of Indonesian corporate advisory firm. I do the math, presentation, reporting and most other stuff. I enjoy myself being busy with my work, but I will try to balancing my life between work and fun. So, talking about fun things for me will always including these things: Books, Coffee, Beauty and Make Ups, Baking, Fashion, and Travelling.

Brief story behind my fun things:

Books. I love a good fiction novel. Basically, I can read almost every genre, starting from Narnia, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Dan Brown’s novels i.e. Angels and Demons, Davinci Code, Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot (I have lots of them), Lockwood & Co. So, if I try to write all of them, this will never become brief. But now you got my point.

Coffee. I’m considering myself as a coffee-explorer; go explore my town to find a new coffee shop and try their basic coffee, cafe latte. I don’t know the expert things about coffee like where the beans come from, how they smells, how to roast it and so on, and so on. But coffee excites me. So, I want to explore more, and maybe in near future I’ll try to take some short coffee course. We’ll see.

Beauty and Make Ups. I think this is a normal girl stuffs. I grew up in a family where my Mom doesn’t wear make up everyday, and she always to us (4 daughters, I’m the 3rd) to simply just wash your face clean, and it’ll be enough. It doesn’t. So, I’ll be sharing with you guys my favorite products and brands, and also how I use them. How it feels on my skin, and what to expect from the product. I really want to share my good (or bad) experiences using beauty treatments and make up, for your references or simply just for having fun.

Baking. This is one of my favorite thing to do, but very hard to do at home, because I don’t have a proper oven (sad, cry). But I will try to bake and share with you my favorite easy recipes. Stay tuned!

Fashion. Well, actually I don’t consider myself to be an expert on this (again). But clothing, is something that I take seriously in my life. One mistake, and it can ruined your day, or maybe your life. And for me, clothing is about who you are, what you wanted to be seen by others. I want to educate, stimulate people who read my blog, to think and appreciate your body and then enhance it though fashion. Fashion wardrobe should be everlasting, in my honest opinion. So, I will try to tell you what I think that fashion/clothing should makes you feel and look (obviously).

Travelling. So, we have this thing in our family, that we need to go to travelling at let once a year, to a new place. That way we can broaden our mind and knowledge, look to new things and places, cultures, view, everything that you can get from a journey. I like to take photos of the places that I went, so when I get back and see the picture, I can recall the feelings. Such a nice warming feeling to have.

This blog represents my life, and I will try to write it as objective and honest as I can. I hope we can be friend. Cheers! And Stay safe.