3-Days in Singapore: Joey Yap’s Grow Rich Live Seminar

Hi, everyone! I hope you guys stay safe and healthy.

This blog is a bit different from my previous blogs, today I would like to share to you my activities on 25-27 August 2017.

By the way, it’s my first blog for travelling section (yeah to me~)

OK, back to topic.

So, what happen to me on 25-27 August 2017? I went to Singapore, attending a 3-days seminar by Joey Yap with my sister, Margaret (if you have already read some of my previous blog, you’ll know her; if don’t you can check her writings as well). The seminar is about Chinese metaphysics. They made a very interesting topic of that: it was called  “Grow Rich with Bazi”. Now, now, I know it seems like I just jump into the main part of my writings here. I’ll explain in just a bit.

First things first, I would like to say that I’m no expert in these areas. My knowledge about these matters are very limited, but I just want you guys to know, that in our universe, such things exist. And, if you’re interested in this kind of matter, you’ll know where to start. Because in my opinion, you can get a lot of benefit by learning a bit of this.

(And, by the way, if you’re really interested about this, my sister, Margaret, is a Bazi Consultant. So, if you want to know more… Comment bellow!)

Let’s start this journey, shall we?

What is Chinese metaphysics?

Chinese Metaphysics consist of 5 areas of study, they are Mountain, Medicine, Life, Divination and Appearance. The Mountain is a study about spiritual path. Medicine focus on health (i.e. Traditional Chinese Medicine), Life talks more about one’s destiny (i.e. Bazi) and Divination talks about how to do prediction of the future. Lastly, Appearance talks about the physical appearance of either land or one’s face.

In Chinese Metaphysics, the main study surrounds about Energy (Qi) and find balance ( the concept of Yin and Yang). Some studies in Chinese Metaphysics that people quite familiar about are Feng Shui, Bazi (Four Pillar of Destiny), Face Reading and Date Selection.

Next one, what is Bazi?

It’s basically WHO you are. When western astrology divided 12 different signs and personality, Bazi on the other hand, creates thousands of personality, concluded by combination of your birth hour, date, month, and year. This combinations make a very specific kind of personality of yours.

But basically, what Chinese metaphysics practitioners do is learning and observing interactions of the energy (Qi) and elements from ourselves and the surroundings. There are 5 basic elements in Chinese metaphysics, they are: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire; and they all come in Yin & Yang energy. So, in total you have 10 elements (Yin Earth, Yang Earth, Yin Metal, Yang Metal, Yin Wood, Yang Wood, Yin Fire, Yang Fire).

I think, the further I talk about this, you’ll get very confused and (maybe) find it a bit boring, so I’ll just stop there. Mainly, because I’m not an expert in these areas, as I told you before. But I wanted to tell you about my first journey to learn Bazi.

So, me and my sister went to Singapore the day before 25th August. I got myself a very nice hostel near the Boat Quay area, it’s called The Port by Quarters Hostel. Very nice, clean; I like it. They held the seminar on Marina Mandarin Hotel. It took me about 20 minutes of walk, from our hostel to Marina Mandarin Hotel. You can take the MRT as well, but I like to have a good walk, it makes my body feels good. So, the seminar starts from 10am to about 6-ish pm.

First day, we went there a bit early, because we have to re-register ourselves by showing the crew our ticket. We got a wristband afterwards, which we need to wear all the time, and a book. First thing (that took a day itself) Joey Yap teach was the basic of reading a Bazi chart. We learned to see our chart, what is our element, what’s the nature of our element, how it interacts with other elements in our own chart, things like that. Somehow, it really get my attention. It’s like opening some section in my brain, a new strange feeling, but I like how that felt. So, the first day was really caught me. It safe to say that my first Bazi seminar really a life changing experience for me.

Second day, Joey Yap starts to talk about how your elements in the chart naturally good at, and it can really maximize your potentials. In life, maybe some of us are lucky to have a one thing that we’re good at, some of us don’t. Bazi simply helping us to know which direction should we choose in order to have a very efficient life and also maximize it. Have you known someone (or perhaps yourself) that already tried their best in work, for example, like really really working hard, but somehow unable to maximize their wealth? or status? or anything? That is probably because they’re looking and working at the ‘wrong’ industry elements. So, are starting to see the good side of this?

It somehow makes your life a bit easier by knowing which direction you should choose. And maximize it. This is very important for me. So, Joey Yap taught us how to see ourselves, and what kind of job or industry that naturally we’re good at (but that doesn’t necessarily means you’re good at it without any effort and experience, you still have to work it out).

Third day, Joey Yap taught us how to maximize our potential for a year ahead. So, he already prepared a print-out for us, and inside, he already listed a detail of anything that will happen to us for a year a head (he doesn’t say that it will definitely come true, but there’s a chance of it to happen). See it this way, if you know that something bad will happen in the near future, you’ll be more careful, and vice versa, if you know in advance that something good will happen to you, like an opportunity or anything, you’ll have more drive to it, and the chance of you’ll get what you wanted will be higher. See another good side of this?

Joey Yap has brought some of his friend, to share some of their knowledge and experience in this matter. It really broaden my mind, and gave a positive energy towards me.

So, that’s my first journey of Chinese metaphysics. I’ll surely share to you if I have anything else in the future. Stay safe everyone.